We help brands grow and generate more revenue online.

Who we are

Online Marketing Experts

Ascend Media is a performance based ad agency that is focused on accelerating business growth. With over 5 years of industry experience, we've managed millions in online ad spend and have helped businesses generate an additional 6-7 figures in revenue.

Media Buying

Having the experience of handling millions in ad spend, our media buying team can create high performing advertising campaigns online.

Funnel Optimization

Every customer is different and their behavior in the sales cycle can vary. We can help to create an optimized funnel to ensure we're able to capture missed opportunities.


Our team of experience copywriters has the ability to craft a unique marketing message that resonates with your target audience.

$10+ Million

We've managed over $10 Million in advertising online across Facebook & Snapchat.

1+ Billion Impressions

Our ads have been seen by over 1 billion people across various ad platforms online.

100,000+ Campaigns

We've launched and managed over 100,000 campaigns across Facebook & Snachat.

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